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Information technology is critical to nearly every business today. Software and the hardware it relies on are essential resources that need to be kept available. And yet computing environments are getting increasingly complex. Keeping a complicated assemblage of hardware and software working well every minute of every day is an immense challenge, especially when they are produced by various vendors, interact in a myriad of ways, and are distributed across large environments.

As such, an inescapable present enterprise computing paradigm is that the effective management of computer systems is of fundamental importance to virtually every modern organization. With complex and continuously growing IT infrastructures comes the need for a comprehensive solution to manage. Systems Management software, once often deemed "nice to have", is now a "need to have".

With the entry of Microsoft into the Systems Management space in 2005 via their System Center suite of products, an incredibly comprehensive, effective and affordable solution was made available to the market. As a solution that synergizes particularly well with broad based Windows Client and Server architecture already prevalent in most enterprises, System Center uptake today is increasing at an exponential rate.

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